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This blog is as much about chats with self as it is about chats with my grandchildren and others. I have often wondered about when I feel on track with my life, and when I feel that I am wandering and looking for direction. Much of it involves primary passions that I subvert for a variety of reasons – all rational, and mostly good reasons, or seem so at the time. However, in retrospect, when you trade one of those passions for the other, there is less of you to share with the world. I was reminded of this in last Sunday’s sermon by Pastor Jeff, where he shared the “talents” story in the bible (Mathew 25:14-30). He was pointing out that the story is not about caring for the Master’s gold while he is away, but in using our God-given talents always, and in God’s service, for His glory. Also that it is easy to pick out the obvious talents that directly support the church activities, but that we all have special talents and abilities that are not necessarily used well either because we have not yet developed them well, or do not find a place to plug them in effectively.

Such has been the case with my writing. I feel that I have the ability to write well and creatively, and have been also told by others that this is true. And I have written a number of professional documents including my doctoral dissertation. On the personal side I have written a few poems and short stories. However, I have not focused my talent and abilities on any major writing effort, using the excuse of work, community, and family priorities as an excuse for not having enough time, when in reality it was probably to avoid the risk of rejection – of trying my best and not being accepted by others. God keeps reminding me that I have the ability, and must use it before I lose it.  He won’t take it away, but if I don’t take action soon, my mental faculties will begin to fade, and my contribution to the profession will be minimal or not existent. So this year I intend to begin the journey – my daughter Michelle wants to publish, and I believe that I also have something to say. So the adventure begins.

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